We are very grateful to have received support from the following partners:




Established in 2002, Freshwater Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank offers competitive banking products, including: Home loans; Personal loans; Business loans; Equipment Finance; Credit Cards; Insurance for home, car & travel. Owned by the community, it gives back up to 80% of its profits to the local community. To date Freshwater Community Bank has given back over $1.9million and growing.






Established in 2002, Blackchrome is an Australian company that specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of custom sportswear. With over 12 years’ experience in the designing, manufacturing and distribution of customised, made-to-order, sublimated sportswear, their defining attributes are quality and reliability.




Beaches Strength & Conditioning Academy is an exciting high performance training facility on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Our gym is set up to accommodate a high standard of training and raises the bar in health, fitness and sports performance. We believe in solid science based training that will enable you to reach your true potential whilst having fun and learning a whole lot along the way.






Established in 2011, Support Guards Australia are an Australian owned and operated business that is dedicated to providing quality products & service Online for sports protection and injury management. After many years experience being involved with local & representative sport we understand the need to source quality products that deliver performance which are affordable to everyone.





Train like the Pro's and Stay Fit for Life
SportSpeeds mission is to help everyday athletes improve speed, agility, endurance, strength, reaction time and power through focused, dynamic training.
Our training methods concentrate on the unique brand of athleticism relevant to your chosen sports. We believe every person can become a better athlete with SportSpeed's comprehensive program selection and IQ testing protocols. Our personalised performance profiles, classes, one on one coaching , combines, swot analysis, advanced assessment and interactive site makes you want to perform at your best every day.